Money Makes The World Go Round Essay

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Money Makes The World Go Round Essay

In year 1960, there was a musical play happened named as “Cabaret” where this quotation “Money makes the world go round” introduced first. In that play, there was a song sung by female lead actress where she expresses her love and the male actor reply with this quotation. This line implies that money makes the world turn and society highly dependent on the money.

“Success” is generally interpreted as meaning material achievement; the more the cash the more effective one is. This incorporates the measure of cash one procures, the sort of auto he drives or the span of his home. The basic meaning of the above quotation is that without money world would stop and it is true to some extent as without money people cannot afford shelter, nor food.

Let’s explore further, does the money makes the world go round?

If you have money, various options or doors gets opened for a person. The importance of money becomes even more important when you have zero or no money. For example, someone poor will do anything for money so that they can at least fulfill their basic needs.

Money empowers us to bear the cost of a superior personal satisfaction; more cash implies greater and better cars and luxurious houses, better quality items, better amusement and so on. Another favorable position is less worry for paying bills and other family costs.

Money may wise enable a man to pursue their fantasies, for instance a man who needs to accomplish advanced education will be unable to do it without money.

The above quotation was explained in various places such as in one of the Charles Dickens novel “A Christmas Carol” where it explained how love was pushed aside because of the money. In that novel one young man loves the girl and promised that he will be with her always but girl chooses the crooked businessman over that boys love because of money.

The businessman has lot of money through which that girl can buy all the luxuries of the life. Be that as it may, as of late everybody has moved toward becoming utilization arranged. We need to purchase anything that is new and available and gets our advantage and we are falling prey to the alluring bundling and advertisements of an item.

In this manner we purchase things that we have little requirement for which thus profits.

Another example for this quotation is from book “the Great Gatsby” which was written by F.Scott Fitzgerald. In that book author mentioned what was the impact of money on Gatsby as he loves one girl a lot but unable to speak as she was very rich and wealthy.

This states that money includes in each aspect of the live and it reflects in the person mannerism and voice. There are various instances where wealthy people think that because of money they can treat others as slaves and can do anything with them.

Thus we can conclude that due to money person gets power to handle everything and others live.

Another phase of money is that it can be a motivator which influences the activity of human from politics to geological exploration. The greed of the money makes the person evil, money is not evil.

From various arguments I think that it’s not money that makes the world go round it’s us who created the money as monster and permitted it so that it can control and take over the lives of the person.

Despite the fact that money has few significance in the lives as each part of the lives spins around the money, yet in the event that we attempted to be content with some we may not face those type of reliance.

The assortment of the items that are confronted makes it exceptionally troublesome for us to get content with what they have. We people made money above our happiness and lives. Due to this money never completing pursuit made society very selfish. People used to forget that with money there are things which we cannot buy such as emotions, happiness, togetherness, sharing and many more.

One of the Chinese proverbs explains it fantastically saying that money can buy a house but cannot make it a home. Money cannot buy good life, respect, and health, sleep and time knowledge. It can buy only the materialistic things but not the emotions or feelings. A person has lot of money in his/her bank amount but still be poor as he/she is not satisfied or not content in their lives.

This notion can be supported by a small and sweet story in “A Christmas memory” by author Truman Capote. The story is a  child who didn’t get anything on Christmas apart from kite and some worn outs and handed down but still that child is satisfied and enjoy the day with the kite.

In the same book there was another example where a family was given lots of money to buy a new Christmas tree but they refused it as they attached with their old Christmas tree and have to celebrate the festival with that only.

The above two examples reflects that the satisfaction and contentment are important and above money.

People used to think that to become success we should have money whereas success is 8 factors: community, financial, spiritual, career, family, personal needs and health.

Thus to become successful you have to get all the above 8 factors and not just financial stability.

There are many cases where a wealthy person is not able to get good health and died and all his wealth are not sufficient to make him live.

Thus, it can straightaway say that all the wealth is not sufficient to save the live and it will be left behind after the person. The only thing which will be remembered are the good deeds, good behavior and the words a person speaks.

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Money Makes the world go round essay

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Money Makes The World Go Round Essay

Life and money, which support it, make the existence of people purposeful and intelligent, money becomes the self-value nowadays . But if we want to know the possibilities for spiritual growth or moral development in human beings we must answer the question what money means in our life?

It can be compared with a huge piston in the engine that pushes the world. 1 am saying this because it is one of my beliefs that, if not every decision, at least a majority of them are made with the consequence of money in our mínd.

For example my friend and I were exchanging our opinions on a certain movie the other day. She was telling me she didn’t the movie because she felt that it didn’t serve a purpose.

My argument was that I did the movie because it was entertaining, I also said that it did serve a purpose because it made money. The purpose of that movie was to entertain enough people to allow it to show a profit.

The only reason anyone made what the writer wrote into a movie, because they felt this it would make money.

Of course, there are always exceptions to a rule, that ís why 1 say “If not every decision, a majority of them”. Somewhere out there may be a songwriter who just writes songs because he enjoys it, not because of money matters.

1 don’t think that having money as the motivation to most decisions is bad, that’s just the way it ís. There are a lot of good things that come from money-based decisions. It’s all about profitability

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Money in general has 3 main uses. The first and most important is medium of exchange – that is something people will accept for their goods or services.

Without a medium of exchange people would have to trade their goods or services directly for other goods or services. A modern country could never function without a medium of exchange. The second use of money is that is serves as a unit of account.

People state the price of goods and services in terms of money. In the United States, people use dollars to specify price, just as they use hours to express time and miles or kilometers to measure distance. The third use of money is as a store of wealth.

People can save money and then use it to make purchases in the future. Other stores of wealth include cold, jewels, paintings, stock and bones.

The 1990s kick-started a new culture in the world – a culture in which lavish consumption is encouraged as the way to self-fulfillment.

With material goods such as cars and computers obsolete almost as soon as they are sold, we experience a rapid tumover of objects and an equally rapid tumover of our desires.

We are taught to live in order to maximize our own, immediate pleasure. «Too much is never enough». I’m thinking about this animal called materialism The urgent need to own more and more.

Our minds are trap us into a cycle ofdesiring, buying and desiring again.

With ownership comes the fear of loss of ownership. So we build higher walls, buy bigger locks. There’s a whole industiy built on our fear of loss of possessions.

In our urge to maintain financial security, we often sacrifice our prospects of a career better adapted to our personal needs and interests.

Of course we need “things” – they provide physical comfort and even happiness. A materially comfortable life is certainly lot something to be opposed. But these things fulfíl temporaiy needs and it is when we place too much importance on material possessions that we face emptíness, or what some call spiritual poverty.

But have you ever imagined what would happen if there were no money in the world? Evidentiy, speculatíons upon thís topic sound naive and contrived because nowadays money is an integral part of our everyday life and one does not need to be an economist to realize that anyway such an objective phenomenon as money would appear. There is also evidence that money makes the world go around and willy-nilly we have to take it for granted.

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Whether you are young or old, regardless of your occupation, your lifestyle or your family status, money is of paramount concem to all of us.

But still it shouldn’t be the number one priority. Lets look the other way around, the spiritual one. The Bible says : ” What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forbids his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for this soul?”


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Money Makes The World Go Round Essay

One of the popular sayings you hear today is that money rules the world, in today’s society if you have money it is true that you can get anything you have ever imagined of having.  Have you ever imagined living without money? It is not possible for people to survive without money.

Money makes life easier there is no doubt that with money you can do miracles. Money not only makes life easier, but also makes life meaningful. Money gives us joy and it helps us turns our dreams into reality.

Even though money cannot solve all our problems, it is a panacea for most of our problems.

It is well known that a wealthy person is respected and have many friends. Even though some people downplay the importance of money, they all agree that without money, the world can come to a standstill. To understand the importance of money, picture a situation where you do not have money, but you need to buy something important.

You will feel frustrated because you cannot afford it.  I do believe that money makes the world go round because it acts as a motivator. Humans naturally want to be recognized and feel important. People who have money are considered as successful and highly respected.

The desire for respect and success makes money an important element in our lives.

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With money,   anyone can afford a good life this means you can buy a good house get a better education and have higher chances of succeeding in life.  If you do not have money, you will not access the best services you want. With the increased cost of living, everything is costly. If you do not have enough money, you cannot afford the basic services health care.

Even though other people view money as the sources of all conflicts in the world wars, the need for money has facilitated newer inventions and a better world.

 Money is an indispensable force for humans, it facilitates intellectual evolution, which pushes people to want to have money and excel in life. Inventing something new and unique means having more money, hence being recognized.

 Such invention gives an individual access to more money and fame that comes along with having money.

One cannot doubt the role money plays in our society today; money drives almost everything. People work hard to get money, and others kill for it.

Most people work to accumulate wealth, but obsession, some people risk their lives and dignity, getting into crime to obtain money. That is why people view money as the cause of all evil in the society.

In reality, money is the root source of all the functionality in the world. If you do not have money, you cannot properly move around or be comfortable.

It is true that money makes the world go round because it facilitates invention and progress in various fields.  People felt comfortable and contented with life by having money. Therefore, money is one of the crucial elements in human life.

Most people argue that money makes the world go round while another look at money as the root of all evil; money is still a necessary because it rules the world and makes life easier. Money presents many benefits to humans than we can imagine.

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